Tuesday, September 30, 2014

fall foraging

fall has to be my all time favorite season. don't get me wrong I love the green and growth and magnificence of spring and summer but fall with it's crunchy leaves, ready to harvest roots, nuts falling from the trees, apples begging to be picked and mushrooms ripe and ready in the forest undergrowth just gets me excited
this is really the first year that I've looked more at the amazing benefits of mushrooms and am lucky enough to have a brother who knows a thing or two about mushrooms. at the end of this month we are planning a two day foraging trip in our area for local wild medicinals and edibles and delectable mushrooms for a healthy kickstart to winter
the following mushrooms should be available in our area and are some examples of the types we will be searching for: Lobster, Yellow Chanterelle, Fall Porcini, Matsutake (Pine), Angel Wings, Pig's Ear, Bear's Head, Honey Mushroom, Admirable Bolete, Hedgehog, Black Trumpet
nearly all mushrooms are excellent for your immune system and have a lot of nutritional benefits as well. we plan to wildcraft (ethically gather) what we find and use them in our meals on the trail and to bring some home to dry for later uses. can't wait to see what mother nature has to provide this autumn!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014