Meet Kate

I am  a  wife to an amazing husband that I've been able to enjoy being with for 5 incredible years, married for almost two now. I am currently going to school to become an Herbalist. I believe that God gave us whole foods and the plants and herbs around us and that they're there to heal our bodies and help maintain healthy wholesome lifestyles like He intended using what He created.

This blog is about planting roots in our daily steps of our marriage, life, faith and relationships with our friends, family and those we meet and sharing all the wonderful properties of the plants around us for daily health, wellness and longevity . Every day brings new experiences and new ways to enjoy the simplicity and beauty of life with God as our gardener.

I pray this blog will be an encouragement to plant your own young roots in the simple joys of life and reap the benefits of enjoying life as it comes, weeds and all.

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